"Because many of you were not able to register due to Holiday travel, I'm reopening registration one final time for the NEXT 24 HOURS ONLY. This is your last opportunity to register for the Health Profits 6-Week Intensive Coaching Program and receive ALL OF THE BONUSES before training starts next week."

"Zero To $10,000,000: The Board-Game-Blueprint For Building A
Successful & Respected Online Health Business (REPLAY)"


Buck Rizvi's
Health Profits 6-Week Online Intensive Coaching Program

"EVERYTHING You Need To Start And Grow
Your Online Health Business From Scratch!"

Here's What's Included:

1. 6 Weekly LIVE Online Coaching Sessions Covering:

2. 6 Additional Weekly LIVE Q & A Calls With Buck (so all of your questions are answered).

3. VIP Supplier Rolodex: All of the Trusted Contacts Buck used to build his online health business.

4. Private Online Member's Area - All training sessions will be recorded and available here for future reference.

5. Private Member FORUM: So you can collaborate and celebrate with other Health Profits Members.

6. Fast Mover BONUS #1: One Hour Private, One-On-One Consultation
With Buck Rizvi ($2,000 Value)

7. Fast Mover BONUS #2: One Ticket To The "Health Profits Academy LIVE" Event Being Held In Boulder, CO On January 23-25, 2015 ($8,000 Value)

Total Program Value: $23,500

Here's What Other Successful
Online Health Business Owners Are Saying...

Mike Geary

"Buck Rizvi knows how to build high quality online health businesses from scratch. If you want a profitable company that’s done right, I recommend you listen to everything this man says."

Mike Geary
Chris Ashenden

"Buck Rizvi knows all the tricks of the supplement trade."

Chris Ashenden
Jesse Cannone

"Selling supplements online can be very profitable, but it’s a road littered with hazards. Don’t even think about getting into this business without Buck Rizvi’s training."

Jesse Cannone

Questions & Answers

  • Q.What kind of investment is required to launch a dietary supplement company?

    A.I would budget a minimum of $5,000. Your biggest investment will be for your initial product inventory. There are manufacturers with quality “off the shelf” formulas that you can private label in quantities as low as 200-300 units. If you follow my recommendations, you’ll snowball your success into larger runs of your own unique formulas.

  • Q.How can I be successful when there's so much competition online?

    A.It’s counterintuitive, but some of the right markets are so vast that you actually WANT there to be multiple competitors who are successfully selling as validation. This is part of what I teach in the Product/Market Research portion of the program. There is always room for another high quality health product promoted using ethical marketing methods and backed by outstanding customer service.

  • Q.I already have a health business. Is this program right for me?

    A.Yes. A number of successful health business Entrepreneurs will be in coaching program right alongside you. We’ll be covering advanced topics that any pre-existing online health business can use to scale even further.

  • Q.When does the online coaching program start?

    A.The official kickoff date is Tuesday, January 6, 2015. I will be conducting several “pre-flight training” sessions between now and then to get everyone “suited up” and ready for the official program start.

  • Q.How is the online coaching structured?

    A.Each week (for 6 weeks) we’ll have 2 sessions: – Every Tuesday, we’ll have the actual LIVE online training. – Every Thursday, we’ll have a LIVE Q &A call where I’ll personally make sure everyone’s questions are answered. Every session will be recorded and stored in your Private Member’s Area for future reference.

  • Q.Is this for people outside the USA?

    A.Yes. I would highly recommend manufacturing and fulfilling your products from the USA as there are many advantages to doing so. That said, you do NOT have to be a US Citizen and you can run your business from anywhere in the World (as I do). I already have students enrolled from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK and other countries.

  • Q.Will the Health Profits LIVE Event be recorded?

    A.Yes. I’m recording the entire Health Profits LIVE Event and will make the DVD’s available to Fast Mover Bonus winners for just the cost of duplication and shipping. There are MANY advantages to you attending the event, including meeting my VIP Suppliers and Networking with myself and other successful Entrepreneurs who I know will be there.

  • Q.If I earn the BONUS Fast Mover ticket to Health Profits LIVE, may I bring a Spouse or Business Partner?

    A.As you can imagine, seats to this Special Event are very scarce and VALUABLE. Any seats sold publicly will be at the normal rate of $8,000. You may obtain one “add-on” seat for a Spouse or Business Partner for the special rate of $999 (limit one per customer; first come, first served).

  • Q.Is there a way for me to collaborate with other Health Profits Members?

    A.Yes. The Private Member’s Area (which will be released prior to the training start date), will include a modern Forum where you can communicate and collaborate with other Members.

  • Q.Is there a guarantee?

    A.Absolutely! All the way through the very last training session, if you don’t feel that you have all the skills, tools, support and confidence you need to build a successful online health business, I will cheerfully refund EVERY PENNY of your tuition PLUS I’ll kick in an extra $100 for your trouble. I’m that confident in what I’m delivering.

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100% Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Attend the training through the last day of the course. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your newfound skills, tools and connections for building a successful online health business, I’ll cheerfully refund every penny of your tuition, plus I’ll kick in an extra $100 for your trouble!

"Because many of you were not able to register due to Holiday travel, I'm reopening registration one final time for the NEXT 24 HOURS ONLY. This is your last opportunity to register for the Health Profits 6-Week Intensive Coaching Program and receive ALL OF THE BONUSES before training starts next week."

I'm Sorry. The "Health Profits 6-Week Intensive Coaching Program"
Is No Longer Available.

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DISCLAIMER: Despite Buck's documented success and the validity of his training, this is not to imply that you will make any money following in his footsteps. In fact, you most likely will earn nothing as most folks don't take action on the training they receive.

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